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olutions Calculator is laboratory standards and reagents calculator. It has been developed to make all calculations for solution preparation in lab easy and accurate.

Solutions Calculator is not just normal calculator, it has the power to make evaluation of your data and ensure solutions are correctly prepared. In addition, it provides lab procedure and preparation guide lines.

Now, prepare standard solutions and reagents for all test methods accuratly. Support your preparation of standards for ICP, GC with robust report generated from Solutions Calculator. In Solutions Calculator user enter information of target solution and starting reagent, then Solutions Calculator will make all necessary calculations and provide the amount required to prepare target solution along with procedure.


  • Support almost all concentration units used in lab preparation.
  • Support three types of reagents and standards include (general, ionic and element standard solutions).
  • Smart checking of your entries.
  • Generate report with procedure.
  • Copy/delete/modify existing solutions.
  • Sort solutions by name/type/solvent/starting reagent name...etc.
  • All solutions saved in database.
  • Filter option to help you find solution.
  • Support Ms Access database (other database support upon requested).

System Requirements

  • Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8


How to use Solutions Calcuator?

To use Solutions Calculator, let's take an example. Suppose we want to prepare 1 Liter of Sodium Chloride standard with concentration of 1 Molarity (M) starting from Sodium Chloride solid powder reagent (Purity 99.5% w/w).

  1. Open Solutions Calculator software.
  2. From the toolbar click on New Solution. The New Solution dialog will appear as below image.
  3. Fill the information about Target Solution on the left side:
    On Reagent/Standard Type section select General reagent/standard and then fill the information similar to below image for both Target Solution on the left side and Starting Reagent on the right side:

  4. Once you complete press OK. If there is any error a message will appear.
  5. The new solution will appear at the bottom of the table with new ID similar to below image.

  6. On main screen right side, you can see all the informations about Target Solution and Starting Reanet.
  7. You can see on the right side Amount required from starting reagent which equals 58.736 g. This mean you have to dissolve 58.736 grams of Sodium Chloride solid poweder in 1 Liter distilled water to make the target solution.
  8. On the right side at the bottom, you can see the procedure which contains all the details about the preparation.
  9. To generate report of the new solution, select solution from the table list and press Report from toolbar. The report will show on screen, to save the report as PDF go to menu File->Save As.. Enter file name and location where you want to save then select from Save As type drop down menu Adobe Acrobat (PDF) and press Save.
  10. To modify solution, double click on the solution from the list table left side or click Edit Solution from toolbar.
  11. Try to make more solution as practice for you.
Which concentration units are supported?

A wide range of concentration units are supported:

M, mM, uM, nM, pM, fM, aM, N, mN, uN, nN, pN, fN, aN, g/dL, mg/dL, ug/dL, ng/dL, pg/dL, fg/dL, ag/dL, g/L, mg/L (ppm), ug/L (ppb), ng/L (ppt), pg/L, fg/L, ag/L, mg/mL, ug/mL (ppm), ng/mL (ppb), pg/mL (ppt), fg/mL, ag/mL, ug/uL, ng/uL (ppm), pg/uL (ppb), fg/uL (ppt), ag/uL, %(w/v), %(v/v), %(w/w), g/Kg, mg/Kg (ppm), ug/Kg (ppb), ng/Kg (ppt), pg/Kg, fg/Kg, ag/Kg, mg/g, ug/g (ppm), ng/g (ppb), pg/g (ppt), fg/g, ag/g, ug/mg, ng/mg (ppm), pg/mg (ppb), fg/mg (ppt), ag/mg.

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Version 1.0
Released on Nov, 4, 2014
License: Shareware 30 days trial.


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What's New In Version 1.0

Nov, 4, 2014
  • First released
  • Solutions Calculator replace old software Stock Standard Preparation Calculator.

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